Full Lawn Maintenance – We offer both weekly and bi weekly mowing options. When mowing your lawn we make sure that our blades are always set at the appropiate mowing heights, allowing your grass to strengthen and thrive throughout the duration of the entire mowing season. We also weed whack and clear all surfaces of clippings and debris to ensure a clean-looking finished product before leaving your property.  For an additional charge we can bag the grass clippings for you and either remove them from the property or dump them in a designated area.

Mulching Services –  Applying a fresh layer of mulch in the spring helps to enhance the overall look of your beds while also providing a natural barrier to stop those un wanted weeds from growing. All mulch is spread at the appropiate thickness and beds are always edged in order to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your landscape. 

Hedge Trimming – In order to keep the desired shape of your hedges annual trimmings should be performed, usually during the spring or fall months. When we finish trimming your hedges to your desired shape/height we are sure to always clean and remove all debris from your beds. 

Spring and Fall Cleanups – During the spring and fall months it’s of the utmost importance that all leaves and debris are removed from your lawn. This not only gives your property a clean appearance but it also helps to ensure that your lawn will stay healthy and green throughout the mowing season. 

Aerating and Over Seeding – Aerating and over seeding can play a huge role when trying achieve your lawns maximum potential. Aeration provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the root system. It also helps reduce thatch accumulation while also helping to alleviate compaction of the turf. Adding new seed after the aeration will help to thicken your already existing lawn. We reccomend aerting and over seeding in the early fall as this is the best time of year to plant new seed. 

Bed Design and Installation – On most properties you’ll always find areas that grass just wont grow. Working closely with the customer we can design and install new mulch beds and plantings.

Tree and Brush Removal – Depending on the size, We can cut and remove small trees and brush from your property. If you’re looking to have larger trees removed please don’t hesitate to ask as we can easily recommend someone to help. 

Dump Runs – After years of living in the same house most people tend to accumulate quite a bit of clutter. We will come over and load all unwated possessions into one of our trailers and bring it to the dump for you.